Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide (Pathfinder Chronicles Supplement)

By Paizo Publishing

Deliver lifestyles to the population of the realm of the Pathfinder Chronicles with this intriguing new reference for the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game. Why waste invaluable prep time crunching stat blocks whilst Paizo does the be just right for you? The lavishly illustrated NPC consultant offers rankings of fully-realized NPCs with powerful ties to the Pathfinder environment, every one with facts, motivations, mannerisms, and a brand new mechanic for dealing with favors and NPC-granted boons within the crusade. also, the ebook comprises dozens of quick-and-dirty stat blocks for such crusade staples as pink Mantis assassins, Hellknights, Scarni thugs, Linnorm King marauders, prophets of Kalistrade, and extra - one for every country within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings. As an further bonus, the NPC advisor additionally contains complete statistics and backgrounds for the non-public characters of Paizo Publishing staffers akin to Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn, Sean okay Reynolds, F. Wesley Schneider, James Jacobs, and extra!

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Forsaken House: The Last Mythal, Book I

By Richard Baker

Half-demon, half-elf monsters infest the glades of the excessive woodland, the mountains round Evereska, and the very halls of Evermeet itself. They declare a birthright that was once taken from them goodbye in the past even the elves who imprisoned them forgot they existed. For millennia the daemonfey military deliberate, grew, and waited.

Until now...

House Dlardrageth is an historical cabal of demon-spawned sunlight elves who burn for vengeance opposed to the elven geographical regions that defeated them lengthy ago.

Araevin is an elf mage from Evereska who discovers Dlardrageth's go back and should need to spend his sanity to defeat them.

Ten millennia of hubris, betrayal, failure, and retreat are coming to an end...

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Lady of Poison (Forgotten Realms: The Priests, Book 1)

By Bruce R. Cordell

First in a brand new sequence of stand-alone adventures concerning the clerics of the Forgotten nation-states world.

Lady of Poison is the 1st identify in a brand new Forgotten nation-states novel sequence focusing in particular on clergymen, the preferred D&D® iconic category often referred to as clerics. each one identify will chronicle monks unswerving to another deity within the Forgotten geographical regions pantheon. just like the previous sequence The Rogues, each one novel within the clergymen sequence is written as a stand-alone event, permitting new readers a simple access element into the Forgotten nation-states international.

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Sentinelspire (The Citadels)

By Mark Sehestedt

To save lots of the long run, he needs to embody his past...

A ranger and his apprentice are captured through a bunch of assassins who call for their assist in overthrowing their chief and the ruler of the fort of Sentinelspire, the previous guy of the Mountain. even if the ranger does not are looking to support, he discovers the previous Man's plans may perhaps contain the grasp druid who gave him a brand new life--and the destruction of all he now holds pricey.

A sequence that facilities at the citadels - castles, retains, fortreeses, and watchtowers - of the Forgotten Realms global, each one ebook within the Citadels sequence is a self-contained fable event.

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All Shadows Fled (Forgotten Realms: The Shadow of the Avatar, Book 3)

By Ed Greenwood

The Shadow Spreads

The Time of problems had nearly handed. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn used to be attaining an end.

However, now not so those that stroll in Shadow.

The dreaded and insidious Shadowmasters become aware of that they've one final probability to grab keep watch over whereas chaos wrecks havoc on the entire nation-states, and in doing so seal the destiny of not only their archenemy Elminster, yet all of Mystra's minions as well.

Darkness threatens to envelop all Faerûn.

The shadows loom.

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The Thousand Orcs (Forgotten Realms: The Hunter's Blades Trilogy, Book 1)

By R.A. Salvatore

The latest manhattan Times best-seller from R.A. Salvatore, now in paperback!

The Thousand Orcs is yet one more best free up from ultimate Forgotten Realms writer R.A. Salvatore. This mass industry reprint focuses totally on his signature personality, Drizzt Doourden, who has been the topic of so much of Salvatore's best-selling titles for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This name incorporates a pattern bankruptcy from the author's subsequent hardcover, The Lone Drow.

One darkish Elf.

Two Enchanted Blades.

One Unknown Enemy.

And a Horde of Invaders.

When a blood-thirsty band of orcs led via an as-yet-unseen enemy comes rampaging out of the backbone of the realm, it lays waste to every little thing in its direction. darkish elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his so much relied on neighbors locate themselves within the course of destruction. As blades decrease and ft trample, even the heroes won't live on a determined stand.

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Bury Elminster Deep: The Sage of Shadowdale, Book II

By Ed Greenwood

Elminster's archenemy, the vampiric Lord Manshoon, thinks he has destroyed Elminster eventually. yet Elminster survives within the kind of magical ash, and with assistance from his scion, a fop who's becoming right into a real nobleman, and his longtime significant other typhoon, he nonetheless has an opportunity to counter Manshoon's insidious plots.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Star of Cursrah (Forgotten Realms: Lost Empires, Book 3))

By Clayton Emery

Lurking within the ruins is a awful story of greed, energy, and revenge.  The Protector crawls forth, the colour of a useless urban whose rulers refuse to die, and younger partners in far-off epochs study of a dreadful future they can not get away . . . and a perilous possibility to all they carry dear.

The misplaced Empires sequence uncovers the secrets and techniques of the traditional civilizations of the Forgotten Realms world.  Why did Cursrah fall?  Who used to be the megastar of Cursrah?  and the way can a long-dead urban threaten the trendy realm of Calimshan?

Uncover the secrets and techniques for your self - when you dare.

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Dissolution (Forgotten Realms: R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen, Book 1)

By Richard Lee Byers

The conflict of the Spider Queen starts off here.

While their entire global is altering round them, 4 darkish elves fight opposed to various enemies. but their paths will lead all of them to the main terrifying discovery within the lengthy historical past of the drow and set them on a quest to save lots of not just Menzoberranzan however the whole darkish elf race from Dissolution...

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